About Us

BIG is a dedicated Private Label Manufacturer specializing in Dairy Beverages manufacturing for distribution by Brand Owners

In all our Private Label manufacturing we take care to source the finest quality of raw ingredients .This dedication to excellence has allowed BIG. to become a leading private label manufacturer

Our Technology is a keystone in our success. To achieve that we attentively follow the newest trends an avant-garde tendencies both on the local and international market engaging cutting edge technologies in our production process.

Our Factory One Production Line of Sweetened Creamer Milk that has a capacity of 40,000 tons and we have designed total of 4 Production lines to be able to produce Sweetened Creamer Milk, Evaporated Milk, Sterilized Milk

Our Plant Facility offers ;

  • Highly automated plant & equipment
  • Dedicated multi-room blending and warehousing facility
  • In-house product development Laboratory

Over the years, the OEM and ODM business models have evolved. These solutions focus on providing a service that meets the needs of each customer.

The ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) models are associated with the manufacturing industry, and it is essential to understand their differences to understand the most appropriate model to adopt.

Though many people often confuse the two terms and use them interchangeably, they certainly do not mean the same thing. OEMs build products based on designs provided to them from customers, while ODM manufacturers design some or all of the product themselves before manufacturing them for customers.

Allow us to explain the differences and benefits between the two types of manufacturers.

What Are The Advantages Of Opting By the ODM Model ?

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) is also referred to as private labeling or white label products. In this case, the manufacturer has an existing product design and the customer may make slight changes to sell it under their own brand name. Some examples of changes include branding, colors, or packaging.

The advantage of ODM manufacturing is the low amount of resources that the customer needs to create a product. With ODM, the customer does not need to invest millions of dollars, or time, into research and development in order to develop a new product. By reducing the expense of product development, the customer can focus more time and money on marketing strategies.

Another benefit to using an ODM manufacturer is the availability of the economies of scale. This means that the product’s unit cost is lower since the manufacturer is building the same design at large volumes.

What Are The Advantages Of Opting By the OEM Model ?

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) builds a customer’s product that is fully designed by that customer and then contracted out to produce at BIG

The main advantage of an OEM is that the customer retains total creative control over the design of the product. When using an OEM, there will also be little to no intellectual property restrictions that may prevent switching to a different manufacturer in the future, if needed.

Another benefit of using an OEM vs ODM is the flexibility in the product design. OEMs can build products to any specification while ODM products are restricted to a predetermined design.

The disadvantage of OEM manufacturing is the high level of resources required to produce a unique product. These resources include the research and development costs along with the time needed to create the design before it is ready to be manufactured. These investments are often quite high and bring a certain amount of risk to a company.